Buying a Property is Hard





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You’re not alone

Buying Property Is Hard

It seems that everyone is looking for the same property that you are.

Constantly sharing properties with your partner during work preparing what to inspect.

Balancing Saturday morning sports with property inspections.

To top it all off, you are still getting pulled in every direction and that’s before you’ve seen a property you want to buy.

When you do see a property that you would like to buy, that’s when the floodgates of stress open up.

How much should I pay?

Should I make an offer now or wait?

Is there really another buyer?

Will the bank valuation come in at the purchase price?

What do I do If I don’t get it?

Is there a better property just around the corner?

I get it, but this is about you, not me.

You are here because in some way shape or form buying a property is not quite what you expected or maybe you simply don’t have the time to deal with it.

You want to spend more time…

With family

At sport games

Relaxing after work.

The good news is…

Soon you won’t have to worry about any of that.

You’ll have your weekends back

You’ll be in control of every step of the negotiation process

You’ll be comfortable that you made the right decision and the best purchase with the best result

You’ll be relaxing in your new home on a Saturday afternoon with your feet up while the kids play in the backyard.



What I offer

How To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

I want to help everyone I can.

This is why I’ve provided FREE tools and reading material to help arm buyers with knowledge and tools to get the best outcome for themselves.

I have over 40 in depth articles that give you the edge over other buyers and the real estate agents.

I also have an Inspection App which helps buyers keep track of all the properties that inspect.

If doing it yourself hasn’t worked out or completely not for you.

I offer a FREE strategic consultation that should diagnose why you haven’t been successful and also give you insights into what is required in order to secure that dream home.

If you want to skip all the stress and heartache altogether, you can claim your FREE Strategic Consultation today


Stop Worrying About Property and Stress Less With One Of Sydney’s Leading Buyer Agents

Are you time-poor and need to buy a property?

Have you sold your home and need to time your purchase within settlement?

Have you already missed out on a property?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Alexander Gibson, one of Sydney’s leading buyers agents.

I have one of the highest successful purchase rates. I buy for 99% of my clients.

I do this by leveraging deep seeded relationships to get our foot in the door of properties not available to the public.

I utilised my critical analytical skills to provide acute due diligence ensuring you know you are not buying a lemon.

I provide certainty when negotiating with an ‘Acquisition Roadmap’ that details every step of the way to success whilst avoiding all the pitfalls that so many other buyers fall into.

Providing comfort and certainty are the key pillars of our services that lead to getting great results.

Our Strategy That Beats You And Other Buyers Every Time

  • NGet Your Weekends And Family Time Back
  • NStop Overpaying For Property
  • NStop Missing Out On Your Dream Property
  • NTake Control When Buying Property

The key to buying your home within 90 days is being able to cut short the learning period that buyers go through.

The statistics on buyers are scary, on average buyers take about 44 hours to research the market even before deciding to make an offer.

Buyers spent on average 2.5 hours per week scrolling and researching properties.

This means it takes almost 18 weeks before buyers feel comfortable enough to make an offer.

In a fast-paced market, buyers can find themselves not being able to afford the type of property they spent 44 hours researching.

Negotiating for the property is more than just placing an offer

It is different from negotiating for other assets..

It’s not just about numbers.

We are dealing with people’s emotions, making decisions for their families, processing incomplete information and receiving misinformation can lead to bad decisions.

When you combine these factors with the sheer amount of money required to purchase a home.

It is high stakes and small mistakes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a buyers’ agent, we are not observers but a component of the market, completely entrenched and constantly with our finger on the pulse.

We can guide you through the process of avoiding properties that would be a waste of your time.

We can bring forth a multitude of properties that will be coming to the market in a month or two months time and provide access today.

When we find the right one, we ensure you are not buying a lemon.

We determine a professional opinion on price to help guide you on your purchase price

We analyse the negotiation playing field, advising you on anything that may surprise you along the way while leveraging information out of the real estate agent.

We execute a tried and tested strategy to ensure you are the successful purchaser.

stop wasting your Time

Did you know

44 hours are spend researching the market before deciding to buy

2.5 hours a week scrolling and searching for property



Despite all this research

14.2 % of buyers don’t have a realistic view about the properties available within their budget

14.6% didn’t know that it would take so long to buy a property

55% of buyers end up giving up, delaying their future plans and staying in their current home


Buyers fail at buying

There is no amount of research that can prepare you for the feeling of missing out on a property

This is compounded when you have done everything that the real estate agent has asked of you and still end up empty-handed

This is because the real estate agent DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU.

He’s job is to sell the property for the owner THAT’S IT.




All buyers use the same tactics

Most buyers submit a low-ball offer that always gets rejected

Most don’t understand the rules for buying under auction conditions

Most don’t really know how much to pay

Most buyers are too slow and preoccupied with other commitments to drop everything to secure the property

Home is your castle

Did you know…

17 hours and 33 minutes is the average time spent at home per day

We spend a good amount of time at home.

What is shocking is that 45% of people who purchased a property regretted something about their purchase.

Imagine, being stuck with your regret for 17 hours and 33 minutes of the day, constantly reminded of it.




The Real Issue

The issue is you spent all this time researching to understand the market then only to miss out on something you really what then settling and ending up in a purchase that you regret.

No one blames you

You can’t expect to become an expert in the field with just 44 hours of research

Same way you are not a doctor if you search symptoms on WebMD

Same way you are not a lawyer if you watch Boston Legal for 44 Hours

If you get sick, you see a doctor. It’s your health

If you get in trouble, you see a lawyer. It’s your freedom

So when you are buying the most expensive asset in your life, where you accumulate the most debt in your life. Spending an average of 8.4 times your annual income on something.

The stakes are too high not to use a professional.

Results always speak for themselves


Of properties purchased were entirely off market. This means there was little to no competition when negotiating for the property.

The average time it took to find and secure the property for our clients.

The number of properties where the bank valuation came under the purchase price

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Let Me Help You To Help Yourself

Download the Inspections App for FREE


There are a lot of buyers out there in the market and unfortunately I can’t help everyone out there which is why I created this app.

The app is fully functional and a gift to buyers out there.

Keep track of all your inspections with this all-in-one tool.

Save yourself the time of having to revisit a property just to confirm your suspicions.

still unsure?

Learn about the common traps that buyers fall into and equip yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself

Learn about the psychological forces at play when you bid at an auction

Find out why buying an apartment with the potential to renovate the attic space could be problematic, especially if the neighbour has already done it

Learn how to pick the top and bottom of the property market

And much much more…

Strategic Consultation

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In The Strategic Consultation

  • NWe want to cover your experience in the market so far and understand the reasons you want to buy
  • NDiscover and diagnose the real root of why you haven't purchased a property yet
  • NLearn about the tricks that real estate agents use on buyer over and over again
  • NHow to access properties before your competitors
  • N I'll guarantee that you'll walk away with a plan tailored to your situation
  • N3 Major aspects of a property that you MUST check that most buyers ignore
  • N3 Negotiation Strategies to ensure you are the one holding the keys

4 Easy Steps to Buy Your Home


Claim your Free 30 minute Strategy Consultation

We’ll go over your current experience in the market, finding gaps and opportunities to see where you are going wrong and how we could best help you and ways you can help yourself


In person meeting to develop your property brief

We don’t make any big decisions over the phone which is why we meet. It takes about an hour and after we will send through a proposal for your approval


We Search

We turn over every stone to find your ideal property organising private inspections around your schedule and don’t stop until we find something that you’re over the moon for


We Secure

We conduct acute due diligence. We provide a professional opinion on price. We outline the best way forward to secure the property after a complete analysis of the playing field


Our Exceptional Result-Driven Service Guarantee

We’ll Find A Suitable Property Within 90 Days or You Don’t Pay


We’re so confident we can help you find the property that you are looking for. If after 90 days of working together we haven’t found you a suitable property that matches your property criteria. You don’t pay anything!

Book A Strategic Consultation today and receive a FREE Guide which actually helps you 

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  • NTake Control When Buying Property

For this month ONLY when you book a Strategic Consultation with me, you’ll receive a Personalised Acquisition Strategy Guide. This guide will give you relevant tips to help secure your property and the edge over other buyers


An Outline of What We Will Cover In The Strategic Consultation

If you are ready to take your property search to the next step, beat your competitors to your dream property. We can help you navigate through the pitfalls with tried and tested strategies that actually work and get the result you want. But be quick, I can’t take on clients with property briefs that are too similar. First Come First Served basis

Here’s What We Will Cover:

  • NWe want to cover your experience in the market so far and understand the reasons you want to buy
  • NDiscover and diagnose the real root of why you haven't purchased a property yet
  • NLearn about the tricks that real estate agents use on buyers over and over again
  • NHow to access properties before your competitors
  • N I'll guarantee that you'll walk away with a plan tailored to your situation
  • N3 Major aspects of a property that you MUST check that most buyers ignore
  • N3 Negotiation Strategies to ensure you are the one holding the keys